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Soper Strategies is a young and dynamic Dutch firm founded by a medical entomologist (Bart Knols, MSc, PhD, MBA) and a military expert (Serge Christiaans, alumnus Royal Military Academy, The Netherlands). We combine expertises from the field of disease and mosquito control with that of military operations in order to develop and execute mosquito-borne disease elimination campaigns in various parts of the world. Our focal point of attention at present is to seek out island settings that are suitably isolated and can serve as a proof-of-principle that elimination strategies successful in the past can be re-invigorated and applied afresh. International social entrepreneurship is our main principle in business.

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Dr. ir. Bart G.J. Knols

(1965) is a mosquito expert with a Masters degree in Biology and a Doctoral degree in Medical Entomology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands (1996).
He also obtained a Masters in Business Administration degree with distinction in 2006 (Open University, UK) for which he won the prestigious international ‘MBA Student of the Year 2007 Award’.
With eleven years of working experience in East and Southern Africa he has managed large-scale research and vector control programmes when working for ministries, international or national research institutions.
He has led research groups of more than 100 staff. Bart has worked for the United Nations (IAEA) as a programme manager for three years, has served as a consultant for the World Health Organization, and is currently a Board Member of the UBS Bank Optimus Foundation in Switzerland, the second largest charitable organization in that country, with 50 projects worldwide.

Bart has published over 140 peer-reviewed research articles, has written 19 book chapters, and has served as senior editor on a WHO/IAEA sponsored book on implementation research. He also edited the best-selling book ‘Emerging Pests and Vector-Borne Diseases in Europe’ in 2007, and the book ‘Olfaction in vector-host interactions’ in 2010. In 2009, Bart published a popular science book on mosquitoes (Mug: De fascinerende wereld van volksvijand nummer I), now in its third print.

His innovative research has earned him an Ig Nobel Prize (2006), an IAEA Special Service Award (2006), and in 2007 he became a laureate of the Eijkman medal (the highest award in the field of tropical medicine in the Netherlands).

He has been a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2004, and is a member of the ß-ambassador network and the SpeakersAcademy. Bart is currently affiliated with the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Medical Centre) and maintains an extensive collaborative network throughout Africa. In July 2009 he received an Honorary Professorship at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Bart is the founder and managing director of K&S Consulting, since the beginning of 2007, and co-founder of Soper Strategies (2010).
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Capt. Serge C. Christiaans

(1965) is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy - The Netherlands, majoring in business economy and military logistics (1988).

During 16 years as flight officer and project manager for the Royal Netherlands Airforce, he participated in several large-scale international (UN) operations, including a peace-keeping mission in Asia (Cambodia and Thailand) and a peace-enforcing mission in Slovenia and Croatia. He has also been involved in the planning and execution of large military exercises. As a flight instructor he trained many operational military pilots.

In 2000 Serge left the Airforce to fly for a commercial airline and to start a branding & design agency. As creative director of eurocontrail branding & design he specializes in corporate branding, marketing and webdesign, creating effective and creative brands.

We specialize in meticulously planned mosquito elimination campaigns, executed with military precision and discipline. We leave no breeding site behind. We are Soper Strategies. 

He developed and designed the MalariaWorld platform, which connects 7500+ malaria professionals around the world. He is also the architect and developer of our webbased surveillance tool for mosquito elimination campaigns, Endgame™.

He co-founded Soper Strategies in 2010.

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