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When the project is finished

When is Aruba dengue free?

Officially Aruba will be declared dengue free (by the World Health Organization) if three consecutive years there has not been a single case of dengue on the island (with the exception of imported dengue).

Will dengue be able to come back?

Yes, it may come back. That is why we will develop a very intense monitoring campaign around the airport and two harbours on the island. So that when a re-infestation occurs (mosquitoes coming in by ship or aircraft) that we will quickly detect these and deal with it. Such practices are commonly used with exotic mosquito outbreaks in the USA and Europe and are very effective.

Who will ensure Aruba mosquito free after the project?

Soper Strategies will collaborate closely with the GKMB during the operation, and will build the capacity within the GKMB to take over surveillance in the airport and harbours afterwards. We will train the people of the GKMB so they can keep Aruba free of dengue mosquitoes.

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