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Breeding sites

Where do dengue mosquitoes breed?

In Aruba, dengue mosquitoes mostly breed in the vicinity of houses. This is because the mosquito prefers to live close to humans, which are its preferred blood host. In areas without houses (East coast, Arikok national park) you will not encounter this mosquito..

What are the most common breeding places?

Discarded tires, buckets, vases, and saucers under flowerpots are preferred breeding sites in Aruba. However, any kind of container that holds rainwater will be used. Car wrecks that collect rainwater form perfect breeding sites. Unlike in Africa, where this mosquito originates from, it does not breed in natural sites (like Salinas).

What to do when I find a breeding site?

Often mosquito breeding can easily be overcome: simply remove the breeding site (tire, bucket, etc.) or empty the water with the larvae (saucer). Make sure that all substrates that can hold rainwater are emptied regularly or stored in a place where rain cannot get into these. In sites that cannot be removed fish can be used that eat the larvae. Alternatively, those sites can be treated with an insecticidal formulation that will kill the larvae.

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