Soper Strategies
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Use of insecticides

What kind of insecticides will you use?

There are various products in the market that are based on biologicals and have limited or no impact on non-target organisms or human health. Examples are the bacterium Bti, or the biological insecticide Spinosad, or the insect growth regulators methoprene of pyriproxyfen. We aim to have as minimum impact on the environment as is possible, and will use only products approved by the World Health Organization.

How will these insecticides be applied?

When inspectors visit your house, they will treat breeding sites with granules containing these products, or may spray (using a knapsack sprayer). There is no need to cover furniture or leave the room. These insecticides can be applied in the presence of humans, and have even been allowed to be used in drinking water, demonstrating how harmeless they are.

Do these insecticides harm other organisms.

Some, like Bti are very specific for mosquitoes and will not harm fish or any other aquatic organism. Theuse of temephos (currently used in Aruba) should proceed with more care, as it may affect fish.

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